Meet the Cartoonists: “thomastoons”

Once upon time two brothers were born in a quaint hamlet in northern Pennsylvania (Erie), where they discovered at an early age (10 and 12) the uncanny ability to draw their friends and neighbors as cartoons.
“Don’t you think we’re spoiling him a bit?”

From Mar/Apr 2002

Spoiling? Naw. Having his own doggie door in the fridge is perfectly normal! As well as drawing friends and neighbors, young Bill and Bob Thomas used to lampoon their parents, their teachers, and anyone else who crossed their path. Sounds like there might have been some trips to the principal’s office…

“Oh, no, it’s that ‘come hither and do the dishes’ look.”

From Jul/Aug 2003

As the brothers got older, alas, they gave up on drawing to enter college, where Bob studied music and Bill advertising. Soon they parted ways, and Bob moved to L.A. with his newly acquired princess. Ten years later during a family reunion, an idea blossomed: “Why don’t we try our hand at cartooning again?”

“I’m doing ab crunches. As soon as I crunch these, they go straight to my abs.”

from May/June 2001
From May/June 2001

This sure is a different twist on “ab crunches”—but just as true today as when we ran it in the magazine ten years ago. Soon the Thomas brothers sold their first cartoons, one being to The Saturday Evening Post. They have since had the pleasure to grace many (too numerous to mention) magazines and books. They continue to push themselves to find humor in any situation and are always honing their craft.

“Actually it’s working. I just thought my employees could use a little more exercise.”

From Mar/Apr 2010

Personally, I think this is a great health plan—unless you work above the 5th—uh, maybe the 3rd—floor. Besides cartooning, the dynamic duo also writes music and works in independent films.

“Quit complaining about erosion. It’s made you look 10 years younger.”

From Mar/Apr 2009

Another thing I didn’t know (but always suspected)—the presidents on Mount Rushmore talk to each other. And just like us, they spend a lot of time complaining.

“This is why synchronized swimming isn’t a Winter Olympic sport.”

From Jan/Feb 2010

Oh, so that’s why! I can’t help it—this silly ‘toon cracks me up. I asked how the brothers worked and Bill replied: “We do cartoons together and separately. We toss ideas amongst ourselves, then push each other to improve them. We’re actually Beatles-esque in our work approach. Bob’s John and I’m Paul.” Personally, I’d like to see a long career for the Thomas Brothers—so I hope Yoko stays far away.

Okay, I have to say that the first cartoon about the spoiled dog is my favorite. What’s yours?