Write for the Post!

For a new section of the magazine, “What I Know,” we’re interested in hearing from our readers about things you’ve learned from personal experience as well as things you’ve studied, either as part of your career or because of a passion.

If your original piece is accepted, beyond the honor of being published, we will pay you an honorarium of $50 plus a two-year subscription to the Post for yourself or the person of your choosing. You must be willing to complete a second draft at the editor’s direction, should it be requested.

Please submit your completed manuscript via the form linked here.

Submission Guidelines and Tips

1. Write what you know. Are you a master gardener or a fabulous chef? Tell us the secret! Did you (or do you still) have a career as a doctor, lawyer, teacher, zookeeper, historian or museum curator? Teach us something you’ve learned that the average person doesn’t know.

2. Steer clear of politics. We’re not interested in hearing opinion pieces echoing pundits on either side of the political spectrum.

3. Keep it short. We’re looking for article-length manuscripts of 500-800 words.

4. Humor is a plus.

5. Be original. We’re looking for stories from real life.

6. Think domestic. Our motto is “Celebrating America, past, present, and future.” Stay within those bounds for best results.

7. The editor’s decision is final.

8. Include contact information. Your name, address, telephone, and email address.

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