From the Archives: Our American Rails

For more of our train coverage, check out these articles from the May/June 2010 issue:

From the article "The Railroad Gang Hits Town," December 9, 1950

As we look ahead to the future of passenger rail, we should also examine its past. Here are some related articles from the Post’s rich archives (click below to view full stories).

"The Future of Railroads"
by Courtney Ryley Cooper
January 23, 1932

"Passengers! The Railroads Love You"
by Bayden Sparker
October 17, 1936

"Highballing at Sixty Below"
by Capt. Richard L. Neuberger
November 27, 1943

"They Teach Trains to Whistle"
Hugh Murrow

"The Railroad Gang Hits Town"
Percy Finch
December 9, 1950
"So You Don't Ride the Trains Anymore?"
Harold H. Martin
December 22, 1956

"The Railroads Are Fighting Back"
by Milton Kaye