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April Fool’s 1948 by Norman Rockwell – April 3, 1948

April Fool’s 1948 by Norman Rockwell - April 3, 1948

Cross-eyed yet? We’ll give you one more to try. The editors didn’t believe Rockwell’s cockamamie story about having no paintbrush, so he made one out of a squirrel’s tail after chasing it ten miles. However he painted this, he managed to include fifty-seven errors. Some are obvious like the antique dealer’s head on the dolls and the dog’s head on a cat’s body (with a raccoon’s tail). But we’ll be generous and give you some not-so obvious ones: 1) The fountain pen behind the dealer’s ear has a pencil eraser, 2) Titles on books vertical instead of horizontal, 3) No shelf under books, 4) Mona Lisa not only has a halo, she’s facing the wrong way, and 5) Rockwell’s signature not only backwards, but misspelled. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need a couple of aspirin.

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