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Spring Cleaning

Published: May 15, 2010

Ready for spring cleaning? We have terrific Saturday Evening Post covers from the past to inspire you and get you raring to go! Or, if nothing else, to show that misery loves company.

May Queen – J.C. Leyendecker – 5/15/37

May Queen

May Queen
May 15, 1937

We aren’t going to argue with her. This 1937 cover by artist J.C. Leyendecker shows a woman on a mission and she’ll take no prisoners. She stands on a pedestal as the “May Queen” and we suspect we could all use her about now.

Scrubbing the Floor – J.C. Leyendecker – 4/1/39

Scrubbing the Floor

Scrubbing the Floor
April 1, 1939

Another of Leyendecker’s cleaning women is taking no nonsense, either. This 1939 cover shows the man of the house dutifully (fearfully?) getting his tootsies out of the way. The floor must be scrubbed. If you don’t want wet socks, move ‘em, buster!

Cleaning Up after Muddy Husband – Harold Brett – 3/13/20

Cleaning Up after Muddy Husband

Cleaning Up after Muddy Husband
Harold Brett
March 13, 1920

Another hubby is feeling the heat of spring cleaning, this time on a Country Gentleman cover from 1920. If you come in my house with your muddy boots, mister, be prepared to have a sweeper follow you.

Rug Beater – J.C. Leyendecker – 5/11/40

Rug Beater

Rug Beater
J.C. Leyendecker
May 11, 1940

Man, this Leyendecker guy had everybody cleaning, even Junior! Before he can go play baseball, the youngster from this 1940 cover has to beat the rug. And the dust flies! It’s probably good batting practice.

Spring Cleaning – John Falter – 3/26/49

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning
John Falter
March 26, 1949

We love the house on this 1949 cover by artist John Falter. This is one busy household! Hauling out trash, washing windows, cleaning rugs. And a passerby who just can’t help nosing through the trash for treasure. That’s a rather precarious position for the poor guy trying to get a hold of the storm window. The artist said he would go through this routine with his father every spring and “invariably a sudden wind would come up at precisely the wrong moment,” bending his father back at a perilous angle. We happy to report the elder Mr. Falter never toppled off the ladder.

Window Screens – Thornton Utz – 4/10/54

Window Screens
Thornton Utz
April 1, 1954

Artist Thornton Utz shows us an unhappy camper. Okay, an unhappy screen cleaner from 1954. Buck up, buddy: the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and cleaning is good exercise. Somehow, we don’t think our pep talk is helping.

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  • Frank James Davis

    Every spring, I resolutely begin to rearrange the tools in my tool shed, after which, I completely empty the garage–only to, eventually, put everything back, pretty much, the way it was when I started.
    Spring cleaning has not been very, very good to me.