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Mother’s Day

Published: May 6, 2015

Moments with mom have taken center stage on The Saturday Evening Post cover throughout the 20th century. Norman Rockwell, Richard Sargent, George Hughes, Amos Sewell, and others have shown the special, sometimes challenging, and often humorous roles that moms play. As a salute to mothers everywhere, we present this look at moms on the covers of The Saturday Evening Post.

Celebrating Mom on the covers of The Saturday Evening Post (click on the covers to see larger image):

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  • Laurel

    Having raised 3 wonderful, talented sons, I can relate to most of the pictures….memories are priceless. Thank you POST editors for sharing such a great collection of art!

  • Love these pictures! Visited the Norman Rockwell museum in Stockbridge Mass. Last fall. Fell in love with his paintings years ago so this was a treat as well. Keep them coming!

  • Thank you POST editors for this feature looking at motherhood over a 26 year time span via the covers of our favorite magazine, naturally.

    The ‘discipline’ cover of 5/3/52 says a lot from a social aspect regarding punishment, and the 11/8/52 says far more about the whole air travel experience looking at it now than it ever did then.

    The way the woman is dressed is very much in the same dressed up manner you’d see in an illustrated airline ad from any year in the Fifties. Even before 9/11, it had long been relegated to the ordinary.

    A comparable POST cover now would have the boy in tears by the TSA no way allowing such a head piece to get past them, much less up the ramp onto the plane. I look forward to your Father’s Day feature. Remember the one about ‘the unwanted pool guests?’