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Most Popular Contemporary Fiction of 2017

Published: December 29, 2017

The Saturday Evening Post continues to discover and publish the works of new, talented authors. Take a look at our most read contemporary fiction short stories.


1. “Crack” by Myles McDonough

Winner of the 2016 Great American Fiction Contest: At Highland Hospital, Zelda Fitzgerald found refuge from the world — but not from Scott. Read more »


2. “Over-Town” by Terry Sanville

Doris might never have come to the island if it weren’t for Jack. But with her husband gone, will she stay on Catalina or return to the mainland life she left behind? Read more »

Plates on a shelf

3. “Just for Me” by K. Anne Smith

K. Anne Smith explores the value of objects after the loss of a loved one. Read more »

Lion statue

4. “The Absence of Sound” by N. West Moss

A quiet man who works at the New York Public Library contemplates the space created by absences, both recent and in the past. Read more »

Stack of Letters

5. “Man of Letters” by Robert McGuill

A succession of unread letters forces a father to examine the strained relationship he has with his son. Read more »

Close-up of a wooden door

6. “Recluse” by Chet Martin

Years of caring for a brother who won’t leave his room has driven Hattie to desperation. With hopes of urging him outside, she enlists the help of a female suitor, a ghost, and the literary genius of Edgar Allan Poe. Read more »


7. “Pigeons” by Sophia Veltfort

Despite growing doubts over her long-distance relationship, a young woman moves in with her boyfriend’s mother after her New York City sublet falls through. Read more »


8. “Getting Home” by Mark Fabiano

How could Michael explain to his son that when you do nothing, bad things can happen, but also sometimes, even when you stand up and do all you can, things still can go bad? Read more »

Pen on paper

9. “Long Past Time” by James Reed

With the news of his ex-mother-in-law’s death, a man faces disturbing questions about his failed marriage to a woman who had always seemed a stranger.
Read more »

Luchador mask

10. “A Colossal Mistake” by Frank Morelli

“In a field planted heavily with beefcakes, the rotten tomato is easy to spot.”
Read more »

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