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Cable Neuhaus writes about popular culture and media. He was formerly the general editor of Entertainment Weekly.

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Man carrying a broken television
Tuning Out

A small but growing number of people are giving up TV, for good.... More

The Moon Man Down the Street

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth human to walk the moon’s surface, is an unassuming Florida retiree concerned about our planet’s future.... More

People gathered at Sunday Assembly
And Now, Let Us Stray

Church without God? The new Sunday Assembly movement offers spirituality and community for nonbelievers... More

Paul, George, Ringo, and John rehearse for the Ed Sullivan show in Miami Beach. In Florida, the Beatles went yachting, swam in private pools, and visited heavyweight champ Cassius Clay. @SEPS 2013
Long Live The Beatles!

From the Jan/Feb 2014 issue, a look back at the masterful, ever-morphing rock band that dazzled us for eight years, and changed all of us... More

Finger Balancing Stack of Minibooks

Those itty-bitty books you see at checkout counters started as novelty items but are fast becoming a serious business.... More