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Following the Sun

At this time of year, sunflowers are at their most glorious, crowning gardens with colors ranging from pale yellow to red, bronze, burgundy, chestnut, mahogany, More

Build a Classic Border Fence

This decorative garden element constructed from treated lumber can serve as a handsome backdrop for a flower border, a trellis for vining plants like honeysuckle More

Everlasting Flowers

Flowers are out in force in late summer and fall, and this is the perfect time to preserve some of that color and beauty to More

Growing Sweet Melons

August is a sweet time for melon lovers. Be sure to get the most out of your melons with these helpful tips.  More

Making a Splash with Herbs

This time of year, the garden is bursting with pungent herbs: basil, thyme, rosemary, sage, and savory. Take advantage of the abundance to make flavorful More

Planting Fall Crops

Even in July, there is still time to plant many vegetables for a fall harvest. And, if certain tender vegetables have failed, you may still More

Cut Flower Care

Brightening your home with beautiful bouquets is one of the perks of flower gardening, and there are techniques for cutting and preserving flowers so they More

Sweet Smell in the Country

Who doesn’t love lavender? The spiky, flowering Mediterranean native of the mint family has it all: fragrance, form, flavor, and medicinal value. More

Rose Care in Summer

To enjoy their beauty and scent for the longest time possible, roses require special care. But you can’t just rely on the sun and the More

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