Biography: Richard “Dick” Sargent

Richard “Dick” Sargent (March 26, 1911-1978)


Artist, illustrator, portraitist


Moline High School, Moline Illinois Art School, Corcoran College of Art & Design, Phillips Memorial Gallery

Studio Work:

Printing and Engraving Plant, Advertising, Freelance

Art Genre/Grouping:

American Expressionist Art

Marital Status/Family:

Married Helen (1 son)

Where is his art now?

Smithsonian American Art Museum, Conway County Courthouse (AR), private collections


Richard “Dick” Sargent, one of The Saturday Evening Post’s most prolific illustrators, was a Midwesterner born in Moline, Illinois, on March 26, 1911. His early career in art began just after his graduation from Moline High School, when he went to work for a local printing and engraving plant. While there, Sargent attended night classes at the Moline Illinois Art School, the foundation for his future career as an artist.

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