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Cartoons: Wisecracking Kids

Published: April 6, 2016

From their blunt observations of life to brief encounters with Santa Claus, kids create some of the funniest moments. For these and more cartoons, check out our Special Humor Issue.







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  • Alan Turnbull

    Yup,……………..Always some truth to the story line. lol

  • Love the cartoons! Was the first thing I looked for when magazine came. Do you have a book with the cartoons in it? Loved your book on antique cars–would like to see these in a book also.

  • Barbara Welch

    Just now getting acquainted with tThe Post. Love the cartoons. This 86 yr old checked out my aunt’s copies as a kid.

    I am now a subscriber but too many ads. —-need more “Post” !!!!!

  • Bob

    Julie, Do I have to pick a favorite when you did such a good job for me!

  • Loraine

    Love these cartoons!

  • Bob McGowan, jr.

    Love these cartoons Julie, especially the top 3. I’ll go with nose #1 for the snowman.