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Rockwell Video Minute: Losing the Game

Published: July 18, 2017

Norman Rockwell captures the drama of everyday events in the form of three stunned cheerleaders after a basketball game that didn’t go the home team’s way.

See all of the videos in our Rockwell Video Minute series at www.saturdayeveningpost/rockwell-video.

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  • Jean Rolf

    Norman Rockwell will always have a special place in America!
    No one has created a similar work of art and imagination – but his work is not imagination, it’s capturing emotions as they explode on the page. I don’t think other artists have even tried to bring this type of art to the public. I hope someone will create this type of art work for us to enjoy. Perhaps repeated showings will inspire others to give this kind of art a try. Our world needs more smiles and laughter.

  • Bob Wilson

    What the Editors may not appreciate is the Saturday Evening Post turned up after the war in Europe in 1001 places including libraries, used book shops and church sales. Along with the Readers Digest, it was a wonderful source of free education for children and young adults everywhere. A chance to dream, to ride the range and to see Wyoming and Montana, and to become European bedtime Americans. Thank you to one and all.

  • juanita

    love Norman Rockwell!