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Preview Our July/August 2018 Issue

Published: June 26, 2018

Our most recent issue looks at the complications of the “simple life,” modern American nomads, the rise of astrology, and giving second chances to former inmates. You’ll also great new fiction, cartoons, humor, and our classic cover illustrations celebrating America. Watch our issue preview video and then subscribe!

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  • This preview video is really wonderful. It gives an insightful look into the brilliant articles and features you simply won’t find in any other magazine, or even DISCUSSED otherwise for that matter.

    ‘The New Nomads’ really helps answer the question on frankly how the hell ARE millions of Americans managing to survive in an economy that has been actively, intentionally working against them at every turn, for 45 years? I think about this question a lot, yet find getting answers difficult. It is one of America’s biggest, most problematic stories, and is no longer being suppressed, thanks to you!

    Please continue doing your deep digging on the tough, uncomfortable to talk about topics, and these preview videos to accompany each new issue. Mine just arrived yesterday, and I’m looking forward to some quality time with it tonight. Thank you for putting the label on the back, by the way.

  • Sylvia kelley

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  • Joyce Silva

    I just submitted an entry into the find Ben Franklin key. I was submitting it for the July/August 2018 issue. Found key on page 83. It looked like the current issue was still for May/June on website.