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In our May/June issue, you'll find 150 years of the history and legacy of the Kentucky Derby, how Albuquerque became the center of Flamenco in North America, and a profile of a company that still manufactures washboards.

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  1. Well, my beautiful new issue arrived the other day, and I now have time to sit down and enjoy it, learning new things. The cover is a gorgeous natural wonder that’s a bit of an optical illusion as well. I really appreciate them continuing to be free of any words corner to corner, other than the logo.

    On that note, the address label’s remaining on the back cover not interfering with the ad at all, much less the front cover. Compromise without any compromise is one of life’s rarities; like a shining diamond in the moonlight.

  2. In the article The Never-Ending War, mention is made of a battle called Cedar Point. Was there such a battle? Cedar Mountain, maybe, or possibly Cedar Creek? If there was a Cedar Point, please help me locate it.


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