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Constantin Alajalov's illustration of a fisherman on a boat in the rain.

  “Forget it!” his buddies told Fred. “Not till I get one!” he said. After hours of fishing And hoping and wishing All he caught was a cold in his head. Congratulations to Joyce Petrichek of Finleyville, Pennsylvania! For her fishy limerick describing this August 31, 1946, cover illustration by Constantin Alajálov, she wins $25. […]

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  When proposing he’ll make a big scene Like an actor on some silver screen. So she’d better think twice: Life might not be so nice If she’s married to this drama queen! Congratulations to Brian Federico of Clyde, New York! He wins $25 for his witty limerick describing this Frederic Stanley illustration. If you’d […]

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Illustration in red and black of a boy sprinkling salt on a large turkey's tail feathers.

The best-tasting turkeys on earth Are hand-salted daily from birth. They taste of a brine And pair well with white wine. The salt even adds to their girth. Congratulations to Jennifer Glancy of Alexandria, Virginia! For her limerick describing this J.F. Kernan illustration, she wins $25 and our gratitude for a job well done. If […]

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