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Chris Benguhe is the author of Overcoming Life’s 7 Common Tragedies.

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Chris Trokey and son Porter pose with Dr. Michael Shannon
A Good Deed Rewarded

In saving the baby's life, little did he know that child would grow up to save his 30 years later. More

A boat called "Dora Mae"
Try, Try Again

Carl Miller’s lifelong dream was to be a commercial fisherman. And he wasn’t about to let a little thing like being paralyzed stop him from More

Dee Dee Wood
3 Questions for Dee Dee Wood

The legendary choreographer for Mary Poppins recalls meeting Walt Disney, teaching Dick Van Dyke his first dance moves, and more. More

Jonna Tyree holds her pet Chihuahua, Chopper
Homeless Pets Fly to Safety

With the help of a volunteer pilot, a one-eyed Chihuahua and dozens of other homeless pets have flown across the U.S. to loving homes More

The Looking Glass Cure

After making a promise to her dying sister, a woman dedicates her life to brighten the looks—and attitudes—of cancer patients. More

Inspiration: The Gift of Life

As he plucked the unconscious child from the blazing inferno, little did he know that his gift of life would be repaid 20 years later. More