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In the Picture
In the Picture

Evil lurks just beneath the surface in this new fiction by Richard Rayner. When art gallerist Larry Hogarth finds a painting worth $25,000, he's sure... More

a young brown colt galloping through a field
Fiction: Margaret’s Hero

Old Gus would do anything for Margaret Kindy, even buy her a pony. But when Margaret's father gets a new job in a different state,... More

Woman on Bench
‘The First of October’

Four years after an accident forced Penny to skip a special autumn ritual, she returns to the park bench that brought the promise of first... More

‘Black Friday’

Holiday shopping becomes serious business in this new fiction from Jonathan Danielson. For Beatrice and her three children, Black Friday isn't just about great deals–it's... More

Illustration of a turkey
‘Since the Shawnee’

When Sheriff Jerry Lovell hears strange reports that wild turkeys are roaming about his small town, his investigation turns up even weirder happenings between the... More

Paris in the Twenties

Fiction: A young woman struggles to find peace as the world she knew begins to unravel around her.... More

The Outside World

When his world seemed to come to an end, he rediscovered hope with help from a complete stranger.... More

Mae's Street
Mae’s Street

Looking out on Christmas Eve, Mae felt like she owned the street, along with her neighbors, whom she loved—each and every one.... More

Hopeless Heritage
Hopeless Heritage

An emergency-room crisis brings up echoes of the past in this contemporary work of fiction.... More

Processing Claims

In this new story from Linda McCullough Moore, an unexpected phone call stirs up buried memories.... More

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Ride Along

An engrossing new short story from mystery writer Brendan DuBois.... More

The Little Miller Attack

Living in a small town, you can never really escape your past—a gripping new story from an emerging literary voice.... More

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