Psoriasis, Exercise, and Heart Health

A new fitness plan for people with psoriasis can help the rest of us, too.

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Being active and fit is good for everyone. But people with the skin disease psoriasis have an extra incentive—working out and eating well can help ease itchy skin and may drop their risk of other serious health problems, too.

Psoriasis, an autoimmune disorder that triggers inflammation and overgrowth of skin cells, affects about 7.5 million Americans. Its symptoms include red, raised patches of skin that may itch, burn, and crack.

Having the chronic condition also increases the risk of developing heart disease, according to experts who explain that both are inflammatory conditions.

Fitness expert Jackie Warner remembers her grandmother’s struggle with psoriasis.

“My grandmother lived with psoriasis for many years,” Warner tells the Post, “and she was very embarrassed by it—especially during flare-ups. This led to a sedentary lifestyle, and resulted in significant weight gain. Her struggle motivated me to become a part of a comprehensive wellness program designed with psoriasis sufferers in mind.”

Jackie Warner leading a fitness program
Warner developed a new fitenss program to help psoriasis sufferers.

The new online program and DVD, Fit in Your Skin, offers tips on fitness, nutrition, and reducing stress.

People without the skin disease can also benefit from the wellness plan.

“Fit in Your Skin offers fitness and nutrition guidance to help people get healthy and enjoy a more active lifestyle—whether or not they have the disease,” explains Warner.

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