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The “youth movement” isn’t just a Hollywood phenomenon. It seems everywhere you turn someone is getting a facelift, an eyelift, or Botox injections. Post offers suggestions for naturally freshening up one’s face.

Drinking Water

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Drinking Water
Drink water throughout the day for younger looking skin.

The “youth movement” isn’t just a Hollywood phenomenon. Seems everywhere you turn, someone is getting a facelift, an eyelift—not to mention regular Botox injections. Following are some natural strategies, backed by science, to help you look fabulous. And when you look good, you tend to feel good, too.

1. Smile. In a recent study, people flashing broad smiles in photographs were consistently rated younger than they really were. Fearful expressions or frowns made models look older.

2. Smile brighter. Nothing conveys aging more than yellowing teeth. For a fast fix, your dentist can whiten your smile significantly. For a less expensive option, rigorously use one of the many whitening toothpastes on the market.

3. Drink deep. Downing six to eight glasses of water each day helps give skin a youthful glow, according to a University of Wisconsin report.

4. Flip your visor. When driving, swing your car visor to the side window to block UV rays. The left sides of drivers’ faces tend to show more sun damage and wrinkling than the right—a consequence of left-side sun overload while rolling down the road.

5. Update your glasses. Contemporary frames take years off your face, both by showing that you’re style-conscious and by hiding wrinkles. Bring a friend (or share pics from your mobile device) to find the right pair.

6. Cut back on booze. Drinking too much alcohol makes your skin age faster and look blotchy.

7. Quit smoking. If you haven’t already done so, make plans now to kick the habit. Cigarettes damage your respiratory system, discolor your teeth, and wrinkle your skin.

8. Act your age. Sure, update your look. Just don’t go overboard. Boomers trying to talk like teens (“Yo, yo, yo!”) or affect excessively youthful styles of dress are seen as less likeable and trustworthy by young adults, according to a University of Kansas study.

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