Mentioning Mentia

In this short satire, Dr. Phil Gudenov discusses causes and cures for Mentia, a pervasive disease that's affecting Americans, with radio host Katie Brigand.

Mentioning Mentia
Illustration by Amber Arnold © SEPS 2014

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“There are many parts of the world where Mentia is still viewed with a sort of ambiguity we no longer tolerate here in America. I, for one, am grateful that I live in a land where most of us are secure in the knowledge that we won’t have to solve an algebra equation or understand a repair manual or, God forbid, invent something. We’re free to be mindless consumers. And I look forward to the time when the same can be said for every country on this planet.”

“We can only hope. Well, I see we’re about out of time. Thank you, again for joining us Dr. Gudenov.”

“It was my pleasure, Katie. Thank you for having me.”

“You’ve been listening to A Box Full of Minds on K double oh K, your source for talk radio. I’m your host Katie Brigand. Our guest today has been Dr. Phil Gudenov author of the new book, Mentioning Mentia. I’ll be rushing out to buy that one. Not that I’ll read it, but it looks good on the nightstand.”

“That’s right, Katie.”

“Join us tomorrow when our guest will be Wilbur Croenauer, a man who has gone three years without thinking a single thought. How does he do that? Find out tomorrow. Bye for now.”

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  1. Thanks Bret for this AWESOME story ~~ I really enjoyed reading this kind of humor. Looking forward to more stories !!

  2. Brilliant and very funny! Clever way to deliver a powerful message about the devaluing of critical thinking in American culture, especially by the media. Come on people, wake up…

  3. A perceptive humorous story on the dumbing down of society. The ‘bread and circus’ situation of Rome to distract the public from their country’s collapse. Hope to ‘hear’ more shows from this station.

  4. Hey Bret,
    Well Written and funny. Thanks for sharing. Good luck on your next book. My tenth comes out next month. best and good luck.

  5. Mr. McCormick’s article is hugely funny, but oh so painfully so! I’m torn between laughing and crying…. Maybe I’ll turn on a reality show and just give up on making that decision!

  6. This was exceptionally well written and funny. I loved it. I hope to see more of this author in Friday Fiction.


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