Logophile: Word Games for Cozy Winter Days

Try your hand at these word puzzles.

Collection of Latin letters

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  1. Where would you expect to see (and be annoyed by) a free-rider, a jerry, or a schussboomer?
    1. On the ski slopes
    2. On a public bus
    3. At an amusement park
  2. When she stepped out of the hotel, the singer was immediately surrounded by a                                      of reporters and fans.
    1. hoard
    2. horde
  3. The answer to this puzzle is two words: The first names an insect, the second leads to marriage, and when you squish the two words together, you get a horned animal. What are the words?




  1. a. On the ski slopes
  2. b. horde
  3. ant, elope

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