8 Exotic Ice Cream Recipes

An adventure in frozen delicacies inspired by Asian, European, and American cuisine. (If you don’t have an ice cream maker, check out “3 Easy Ways to Make Ice Cream without a Machine.”)

bowl of avocado ice cream

Homemade Avocado Ice Cream

Avocados may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of ice cream. But the fleshy fruit native to central Mexico gives this creamy treat a distinctive color and flavor.

two scoops of raspberry custard

Raspberry Frozen Custard

Call it frozen custard, call it gelato—by any name this smooth and intensely flavored frozen dessert is sure to be a hit.

2 cups of apple sorbet

Granny Smith Apple Sorbet

Apple ice cream and sorbet is more popular in Europe, but this recipe is as American as apple pie—just a little bit colder.

Strawberry Lassi Ice Pop

Strawberry Lassi Ice Pops

Honey and a touch of black pepper flavor these healthy Indian-inspired ice pops.

dish of garlic ice cream with raspberry ribbon

Roasted Garlic & Raspberry Preserve Ribbon

The combination of garlic and raspberries makes an unusual treat, and it can be made from local ingredients! The inclusion of homemade raspberry preserves (a popular staple in Russia) adds a delightfully sweet crimson ribbon throughout the ice cream.

kulfi ice pops

Traditional Kulfi Ice Pops

This ice cream recipe takes a bit more work than your average ice pop, but it’s an exciting adventure in Indian spices and flavors.

gelato drowned in coffee

Affogato al Caffè (Coffee-drowned Gelato)

Perfect any time of year, but particularly the warmer months, this easy-to-make Italian delight is an elegant way to serve coffee, no matter how hot the temperature gets outside.

two bowls of cider-pomegranate sorbet

Cider-Pomegranate Sorbet

Pomegranate juice gives this delicious sorbet a beautiful pink color, and the cider gives it sweetness.