The Saturday Evening Post Dedicates its Digital Archive to Charlene Van Slyke

Ater many long lours and painstaking attention to detail, The Saturday Evening Post is proud to offer our entire magazine archive in digital format. This tremendous work could not have taken place without the efforts of one dedicated individual, Charlene Van Slyke. Charlene’s enthusiasm, diligence, and attention to detail has produced an exceptional record of our long publishing history.

The job of scanning thousands of copies of The Saturday Evening Post has been a daunting task, made even more complicated by the fragility and poor condition of older issues. Yet Charlene has taken exquisite care that every page has been captured with the highest possible quality.

Until now, the Post’s unique history has resided in an extremely rare and largely unseen collection of magazines dating back to 1821, many of them the only copies in existence. Thanks to Charlene’s commitment, the Post can now share this digital history for years to come.

We would be remiss if we didn’t also take a moment to acknowledge her bright, enthusiastic spirit, which earned her the nickname of “the energizer bunny.”

It is fitting that the nation’s oldest magazine, which has preserved so much that is good about America, now preserves the work of this exceptional person.