Pearl Harbor

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Collector’s Edition

Japanese Zero plane dropping bomb on Pearl Harbor

The latest special issue from The Saturday Evening Post commemorates the 75th anniversary of the surprise attack on our shores, December 7, 1941.

Taken from the pages of America’s most popular magazine, Pearl Harbor will bring to life the “date which will live in infamy,” portraying a deeply divided nation that overnight united in a spirit of solidarity rarely seen before or since. This must-own special edition includes:

Powerful Reporting

  • An hour-by-hour account of the battle, plus first-person battlefront reportage in Pearl Harbor and the Pacific islands, including the thrilling diary of one of the few U.S. airmen to engage the enemy on December 7.
  • Why and how we were surprised by the attack.
  • A chronicle of sweeping changes on the homefront, including surging voluntary enlistment, civil defense, and rationing; massive increases in production to build ships, planes, and tanks on a scale previously unthinkable; the internment of Japanese Americans; and more.

Stunning Images

  • Illustrated covers of the Post that reflect the mood and experiences of the times through images of soldiers at war and on leave, women as factory workers, our youth volunteer corps, and more.
  • Political cartoons that portray our nation’s shift from isolationism to interventionism.
  • Period advertisements from corporations eager to showcase patriotic themes.
  • Photographs that capture the drama of the battle itself as well as scenes from the homefront.

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Press Release for Pearl Harbor Special Issue

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