Automobiles in America: The Early Years


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The car changed America in every way possible. And the Post was there, chronicling the tinkerers and wild dreamers who invented a self-propelled vehicle that would revolutionize American life. In this delightful full-color special edition, you’ll read first-person accounts from the earliest automakers like Alexander Winton and Charles Duryea as well as reporting by and about the men whose names are synonymous with the car — Dodge, Ford, Chrysler, and more. As a special treat, you’ll enjoy page after page of lush vintage automotive advertisements from the Post’s early years. This 128-page Special Collector’s Edition is the perfect gift for automobile lovers and history buffs alike!

Reviews for Automobiles in America: The Early Years

“Because I worked for two automotive advertising agencies as well as automotive magazines, The Saturday Evening Post special issue hit my heart from both sides. Add in the nostalgia factor, and you’ve got a whole weekend’s entertainment.”

—William Jeanes, former publisher and editor-in-chief of Car and Driver, former publisher of Road & Track

“Beautifully laid out with lots of photographs, vintage advertisements, and engaging articles … a must-have for all auto enthusiasts and history buffs.”
—MaryAnn Porinchak, The National Packard Museum

“Packed full of colorful illustrations of an era when auto advertising was both artistic and elegant.”
—Terri Anderson, The Henry Ford Museum

“Just the other day, my beautiful traveling companion remarked that all cars look alike. This compilation reveals vividly that this was not always true. Remember when you could identify a Ford or Chevy at night at 500 yards just by the glow of the lights? I always loved SEP and this edition reminds me why.”
— Sean Kevin Fitzpatrick, Award-winning automotive advertising writer (“The Heartbeat of America”)