January/February 2018


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Shot Down in Vietnam!
Post Perspective
By Richard Amrstrong
years ago, at the height of the war, a hero pilot defied the odds to stage a daring rescue

The Last Wild Buffalo
By Mark Orwoll
Witness South Dakota’s bison roundup — thrill of a lifetime

The Right Way to Fall
By Neil Steinberg
You can’t eliminate all the perils of slips and tumbles, but you can learn to fall better

Oceans on the Edge
By Michael Shapiro
There’s still time to save Earth’s liquid life-support system

Can Software Replace Human Intuition?
By Seth Stephens-Davidowitz
At times our gut instincts can be dead wrong, but today’s data science is surprisingly intuitive

Rockwell’s Four Freedoms
By Patrick Perry
75 years ago, the master illustrator transformed abstract ideas into images that inspired a nation on the verge of war
Plus, Abigail Rockwell on her grandfather’s legacy


Open Season at the Café Rumba
By Julia Rocchi
A middle-aged divorcée steps timidly onto the dance floor for the adventure of her life
Meet the winner


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