January/February 2019


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Read about the resurgence of classic TV shows, the writer behind Nancy Drew, an interview with Danny DeVito, recipes, health advice, and much much more.


Post Perspective: The Great Recession, a 10-Year Look Back

Middle Class Meltdown
By M.H. Miller
How one family lost out in their pursuit of the American Dream,

The Company That Nearly Bankrupted America
By Troy Brownfield
The 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers affects us to this day,

Going to Extremes
By Troy Brownfield
Tracing the roots of today’s political divide

Secrets of the Ice
By Diane Selkirk
Reading Earth’s history in its glaciers

The Hidden Kennedy Powerhouse
By Eileen McNamara
Eunice Kennedy Shriver led a civil rights revolution


Mount to the Sky
By MichaeL Caleb Tasker
2019 Great American Fiction Contest winner
Meet the winner


From the Editor: Tales of the Great Recession

The Argument: Americans shouldn’t distrust reporters

American Pop: The Amazon effect

Lighter Side: This year, I gave my wife the best gift ever

In My Life: Facing up to a facelift

Post-Its: Plants that float in the air; apps for pet owners; hot cider recipes; 3 questions for John C. Reilly; and more

Your Health: Hugs that heal; nondrug sleep remedies; weight-loss tips; and more

Healthy Eating: Delicious make-ahead breakfast ideas

Everyday Heroes: Safe harbor for vulnerable women

Canine Companions: Dog’s best friend

Backstory: Ketchup, a history

The Vault: Gems from our archive — Dean Martin’s party-hard image; America’s greatest quake; Rockwell; more