Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Special Collector’s Edition


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Taken from the pages of The Saturday Evening Post, this commemorative issue brings to life the “date which will live in infamy,” portraying a deeply divided nation that overnight united in a spirit of solidarity rarely seen before or since. This beautiful coffee-table quality keepsake includes:

Powerful Reporting

  • An hour-by-hour account of the battle and first-person accounts of the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the Pacific islands.
  • Why and how we were surprised by the attack.
  • A chronicle of sweeping changes on the homefront — surging voluntary enlistment, civil defense, and rationing; massive increases in production to build ships, planes, and tanks on a scale previously unthinkable; and more.

Stunning Images

  • Illustrations by Norman Rockwell and others, including wartime depictions of soldiers on leave, female factory workers, our youth volunteer corps, and more.
  • Wartime cartoons and advertisements.
  • Photographs that capture the drama of the battle itself as well as scenes from the homefront.