Cartoons: Comical Criminals

We went all the way back to 1945 to find these cartoons of bad guys being really bad at their jobs. We hope you enjoy their criminal mischief as much as we do!


Burglar shining his flashlight up a staircase and calling out to people upstairs
“Anybody home?”
July 28, 1945



Burglar shining his flashlight at a sleeping homeowner's face.
“I’m lost — can you direct me to the parlor?”
August 18, 1945
Frank Beaven



A prison inmate helps his partner out a cell's window while a guard looks on.
“We were just talking about you.”
June 16, 1945
Chon Day



Two prisoners argue with eachother in a hole inside the warden's office.
“You and your sense of direction!”
July 14, 1945



A cop finds a burglar inside a closet.
“I found a clue.”
July 14, 1945
Gene Carr