Guide to the Archive: An Intrepid Journalist Covers World War II for the Post

Journalist Richard Tregaskis had been covering World War II since its earliest days. He witnessed the Battle of Midway and he was with the Marines during the first months of fighting on Guadalcanal Island. He also wrote dispatches for The Saturday Evening Post, writing about the dangers that G.I.s faced in Europe and the Pacific Theater.

Saturday Evening Post members can enjoy reading Tregaskis’s articles in our digital archive, along with stories by other greats such as Ray Bradbury, Dorothy Parker, and Jack London.

Articles by Richard Tregaskis

All articles can be found in our digital archives.

“House to House and Room to Room,” February 24, 1945, page 18

“Road to Tokyo—We of the B-29’s Say Good-By,” August 18, 1945, page 17

“Road to Tokyo—‘I Don’t Intend to Ditch’,” August 25, 1945, page 20

“Road to Tokyo—Disillusionment in Hawaii,” September 1, 1945, page 20

“Road to Tokyo—‘Guam—This is It!’,” September 8, 1945, page 22

“Road to Tokyo—‘Fighters Right Close . . . at 7 o’Clock’,” September 15, 1945, page 20

“Road to Tokyo—Pay-Off Over Japan,” September 22, 1945, page 20

“Road to Tokyo—Peace Caught Us Napping,” September 29, 1945, page 20

“Road to Tokyo—We Soften the Peace,” October 6, 1945, page 20

“Road to Tokyo—The Infantry Never Had it So Tough,” October 13, 1945, page 20

“Road to Tokyo—The Fine Hand of Mr. Suzuki,” October 20, 1945, page 18

“Road to Tokyo—Have We Given Japan Back to the Japs?” October 27, 1945, page 20

“Pappy Hain Comes Home,” January 19, 1946, page 20

“Jim Davis Comes Home,” February 9, 1946, page 17

“Commando Kelly, Businessman,” March 2, 1946, page 22

“A Hot Pilot Cools Off,” March 23, 1946, page 17

“Brash Young Man,” April 13, 1946, page 18

“The Bombardier Who Would Build Cities,” May 4, 1946, page 21

“The Marine Corps Fights for Its Life,” February 5, 1949, page 20

“The Cities of America: Norfolk,” July 9, 1949, page 42

“Gabreski, Avenger of the Skies,” December 13, 1952, page 17

“The Cops’ Favorite Make-Believe Cop,” September 26, 1953, page 24


Featured image: The 160th Infantry on the beach at Guadalcanal (Department of the Army)