Cartoons: A Man Walks into a Bar

A bartender talks to a patron while drunks crowd a the end of the bar
“Reception is fuzzy today, but they’re all afraid to say anything.”
Robert Day
February 7, 1948


Bar patrons speak to the bartender
“Would you care to listen to my troubles? I think they’re more interesting than most.”
June 5, 1948


An angry man threatens another man in a bar
“Oh yeah? Would you mind stepping outside and repeating that apology?”
Gardner Rea
May 1, 1948



Two men talk in a bar
“He’s beginning to make quite a name for himself. They burned him in effigy twice last year, and now he’s up for investigation.”
Chon Day
April 24, 1948


Two men talk in a bar
“My wife is the most wonderful woman in the world, and that’s not just my opinion — it’s hers.”
April 24, 1948


A man threatens a larger man
“Them’s fightin’ words where I come from, mister! Er…how do you feel about it in your section?”
Rodney deSarro
March 4, 1944


Trumplet player plays in a bar
“We had to get rid of the juke box, but he works on the same principle.”
February 7, 1948