Cartoons: Rub-a-dub-dub

Two boys in an overflowing bathtub trying to sail their toy boats
“I’ve been sailing this bathroom, man and boy, for two years, and I never saw anything like this!”
Rod deSarro
May 29, 1948



Horse drinking out of a bathtub while a man is in it.
“Agnes, did you leave the front door open?”
Frank Owen
May 1, 1948



Man with clipboard asks a survey question to a perturbed man taking a bath.
“I’m making a survey of daily household annoyances. Do you lose your temper easily?”
Les Colin
April 24, 1948



Drenched man covers himself with a shower curtain as he asks his wife for a screwdriver.
“The screw driver’s in the garage where you left it.”
Don Tobin
April 10, 1948



Kid dives into a bathtub using an ironing board as his mother yells at him in shock.
David Pascali
March 27, 1948



A housewife scowls at her husband, who's in a bathtub, because he took the hot bathwater.
“Oh, was this your water?”
March 6, 1948



Two boys in a sauce pan float in a filled bathtub, acting like explorers at sea,
“We must be approaching civilization…I see my mother!”
Charles Schulz
November 13, 1948