Make a Beaded Bookmark

Beaded bookmarks and books.

Sure, an e-reader like the Kindle, iPad, or Nook can satisfy you with a library of delightful reads, but they still can’t mimic the warm, woodsy smell of a good book.

So grab a length of ribbon, yarn, or cord; gather some beads, charms, or coins; and craft a beaded bookmark to hold a savory spot in your favorite tangible bestseller.

How to Make a Beaded Bookmark


  1. Cut 18 inches of cord, ribbon, or yarn. Tie a knot three inches from one end.
  2. String beads to cover 1 1/2 inches of cord and knot at bottom of beads.
  3. end of beaded bookmark
  4. Tie knot five inches from opposite end of cord (leaving 10 inches between knots).
  5. String beads to cover 3 inches of cord to make “bottom” of bookmark, adding a unique bead or charm if desired. Tie knot. Trim cord 1/4 inch on each end.*
  6. *If you do not want any cord hanging on the end of your bookmark, dab a little craft glue on the end knots, let dry, and then cut the excess cord at the knot’s edge.