Build Your Own Coffee Pot Terrarium

Coffee-Pot Terrarium

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, three things are certain in life—death, taxes, and broken coffee makers. Put some life into an old coffee pot with this fun and simple craft.

How to Build a Coffee Pot Terrarium




  1. Dig out your old coffee pot or buy one at a local thrift store or garage sale. Clean, rinse, and dry well.
  2. Toss buttons into coffee pot.
  3. Buttons in coffee pot.
  4. In large bucket, soak topsoil in water for 15 minutes. Drain off excess water. Soil should be very moist, but not dripping.
  5. Dirt soaking in bucket.
  6. Cover buttons with a 1 1/2-inch layer of soil.
  7. Placing dirt into coffee pot.
  8. Arrange plants in pot and spoon additional soil over roots. Pat plants firmly in place with back of spoon.
  9. Covering roots with dirt.
  10. Display terrarium on indoor table in medium sun.