Crochet for Kids

Get your kids hooked on a skill that will last a lifetime. Teaching your kids or grandkids the art of crocheting is more than an opportunity for family bonding: It’s a way to stimulate their creative side, improve motor coordination, reading, and problem-solving abilities, while offering an opportunity for them to participate in community service and other activities.

The Crochet Guild of America (CGOA)provides helpful instructions for parents, grandparents, and educators who are interested in keeping this valuable art form alive for a new generation to enjoy.

Marty Miller, president of the CGOA, has noticed a steady increase in the popularity of this art among a younger generation. “More and more children, preteens, and teens are crocheting. We see them at our conferences, at guild meetings, and classes and workshops,” says Miller, who suspects the trend has something to do with crocheting’s soothing effects and being able to creative resources. “You can use all sorts of materials—yarn, thread, wire, rags, plastic bags, clothesline, and even candy licorice strips.”

People of all ages, however, take away valuable life lessons. “If you don’t like what you’re making,” Miller points out, “it’s easy to change.” It’s a craft that also encourages trying new things. “If something doesn’t work, rip it up, and try again. … Eventually, you’ll get a result you like. We shouldn’t be afraid to try.” An important lesson for more than just children.

Many brand-name craft stores offer local classes—beginning through advanced. You can also find original patterns available for purchase (and some for free) from Etsy sellers, at

Additionally, the Craft Yarn Council of America is home to a plethora of knitting and crocheting project ideas, patterns, and tips as well as serving as a resource for charitable opportunities and upcoming events.

If long distance is keeping you from teaching the young loved one in your life the art of crochet, let them know you’re thinking about them with a handmade ice-cream surprise. Try this sweet pattern, courtesy of

Download the Ice Cream Cone Necklace Purse Crochet pattern instructions [PDF].