Cartoons: Father’s Day

Boy yelling into a megaphone very close to his dad, who jumped out of his chair in shock.
Les Colin
December 9, 1950


Mother is tailoring her daughter's dress while the father is demanding if she hadn't lost a portion of the pattern used to make it.
“Are you sure you didn’t lose a piece of the pattern?”
Don Tobin
December 9, 1950


Boy tells his father about his day in school. Unfortunately, he doesn't have anything to report because he forgot everything that was taught.
“I learned a lot in school today, but I can’t remember what it was.”
Bill King
December 25, 1950


Young boy demanding that his father do his homework assignment for him.
“It’s too sophisticated. Remember, you’re supposed to be seven years old.”
November 25, 1950


Fireman asks a father if he was the one loudly shouting "Fire", only to find out that he and his son were playing with a toy cannon.
“You the guy that’s been shouting ‘Fire’?”
Ray Heller
November 18, 1950


Son asks his father for permission; the father tells him to ask the mother.
“I’m afraid you’ll have to get your mother’s permission on that, son. Thanks, though, for asking me.”
Stan Hunt
October 22, 1950


Nurse comforts a crying newborn who is frightened by the goofy dads on the other side of the viewing window.
““Don’t worry about it, sonny — all fathers look like that the first few days.”
October 14, 1950


Mother and children demand a sleeping dad to get out of bed and spend time with them.
“Get up! We miss your exciting companionship!”
Harry Mace
January 13, 1951


Father and son go sledding. The kid goes downhill, leaving his father behind.
December 9, 1950