March/April 2013 Limerick Laughs Contest Winner and Runners-Up

woman making shamrock cake
I’m making this cake for a few
Of all of our brave lads in blue,
For Casey and Ryan
And Patrick O’Brien
And all of the other cops too!

—Philip Lindal, Yale, Michigan

Congratulations to Philip Lindal! For his poem describing the illustration by Albert W. Hampson, Philip wins a monetary award—and our gratitude for a job well done. If you’d like to enter the Limerick Laughs Contest for our upcoming issue, you can submit your limerick via the entry form here.

Of course, Philip’s limerick wasn’t the only one we liked! Here are some of our favorite runners-up, in no particular order:

Old, gray, but still a bit frisky,
Not afraid to do something risky,
She’d win their hearts over
When inside the clover
They find the fine pint o’ whiskey.

—Ken Elinsky, Solon, Ohio

Had a cake, made from scratch, it was true,
For the boys, who worked hard, wearing blue.
As I tripped at the door
And the cake hit the floor,
There was nothing to say but “Boohoo!”

—JoAnn White, Watertown, New York

Ms. O’Malley did make a great cake
For the boys at the station to take.
And her boy in the clink
Should be out in a blink.
One bite, and they’d know their mistake.

—Mark Blackwell, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

This woman, though not very lean,
Is this year’s St. Patrick’s Day queen.
Does her cake have a hint
Of lime or of mint?
Who cares, just as long as it’s green.

—Neal Levin, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

My neighbor, Miss Brigid O’Connor,
Baked shamrocks in Saint Paddy’s honor.
The pretty green icing
Turned out quite enticing,
Since good fairies’ spells were upon her.

—Caroline Sposto, Memphis, Tennessee

Oh, she was an expert cake maker,
An icer as well as a baker.
But seeing her size,
We can all surmise
That she was an often partaker.

—Cornelius Jonker; Grand Rapids, Michigan

The police well-deserve this cake treat.
Her inscription sure made it complete.
This shamrock design
Will suit the cops fine,
But it’s almost too pretty to eat!

—Mary Collins Ryan; Bradford, Pennsylvania

A labor of love, this creation,
For “my boys” down at the station.
Takes hours to make
This type of cake,
But I am so proud of their dedication.

—Virginia Wilson; Port Orange, Florida