Make Art with Fall Finds

In the autumn, it’s hard to resist picking up fall treasures: leaves, seed pods, and even interesting rocks. But what to do with those collections once they’re in the house?

Here’s a creative way to use your findings to welcome autumn into your home.

Framed Fall Treasures




  1. Cut strands of fishing line and tie around the frame’s edge. Make sure to pull the line tight.
  2. Using a needle or thumbtack, punch small holes in leaves, seed pods, etc., and run strands of fishing line through each piece. Tie these to the lines on your frame.

*Wax-Coated Leaves

    To make wax leaves, fold wax paper in half. Place clean, dry leaves inside folded wax paper. Lay wax paper and leaves on ironing board and cover with towel, then press. The iron doesn’t need to be extremely hot, just warm enough to melt the wax on the leaf. Once the wax paper has cooled, peel wax paper open and pull out wax-coated leaves.