Roasted Garlic Ice Cream with Raspberry Preserve Ribbon

There are quite a few recipes for garlic ice cream floating around, but the one I chose features roasted garlic rather than raw. I like garlic—a lot—but roasted garlic has a sweeter, smoother flavor that lends itself to ice cream a bit better. I also like the combination of garlic and raspberries. The inclusion of homemade raspberry preserves added a nice ribbon through the ice cream. But I have to warn you: Every time I open the tub to eat a bowl, I get a giant whiff of garlic. But the flavor is really mellow, and it tastes pretty darn good.

[In the month of August, Farm to Philly writers offer up their favorite recipes as part of the annual Frozen Treats Challenge, using the Philadelphia area’s best local fruits and vegetables, herbs, eggs, cream, and milk. This garlic ice cream recipe was part of the 2012 challenge. For more fascinating flavors—including a beet ice cream and a carrot curry ice cream—visit]

Roasted Garlic Ice Cream with Raspberry Preserve Ribbon
(Makes 4 servings)

dish of garlic ice cream with raspberry ribbon



  1. Combine garlic and cream in saucepan over medium heat; bring to simmer. Using stick blender, blend garlic/cream mixture for a minute (this also works in blender or food processor).
  2. Mix egg yolks, sugar, and vanilla in separate bowl.
  3. Mix ladleful of cream mixture into yolks and stir briskly; mix yolk mixture into saucepan. Simmer for 30 minutes or until mixture is thickened to your liking.
  4. Pour in ice cream maker and freeze according to directions. When ice cream has thickened, dribble in spoonfuls of preserves to make ribbon
  5. Alternatively, or in addition to, layer ice cream into container, spread layer of preserves over top, add more ice cream, then preserves, and continue until all ice cream is in container.