6 Apps for Sky Gazers

Explore the sky day and night with these six cosmic apps:

SkyView ($1.99, terminaleleven.com/skyview/iphone, iOS only). Pinpoint all 88 constellations and over 130,000 stars with this award-winning app.

NASA (free, nasa.gov/nasaapp). Keep up with latest news and photos from NASA, and view a live stream from the International Space Station.

Star Walk 2 ($2.99, vitotechnology.com). Find nebulae, galaxies, meteors, stars, and more, plus delve into the mythologies of the constellations.

Mobile Observatory ($4.49, zima.co). Zoom in like a pro with this sophisticated augmented-reality app.

CloudSpotter ($2.99 cloudspotterapp.com, iOS only). Identify cloud formations and share pictures with global cloud spotters.

Luminos ($24.99, wobbleworks.com/luminos, iOS only). View a virtual telescope of “the largest deep space catalog of any app,” including detailed surface views of planets and moons for serious astronomers.

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