Cartoons: Home Sweet Home

Home: where you are loved the most and act the worst!

“Why didn’t you yell and tell me you weren’t my husband?”
Fred Balk
December 28, 1940


Woman standing in doorway holding a fish
“This is the fish George is telling you about.”
December 11, 1943



Boy walks into family dining room, sees a sign that reads, "Beware of Father"
“Beware of Father”
H. Middlecamp
January 4, 1947



Woman and man in living room
“Darling, which would you rather do next week, eat or pay the rent?”
Stan Hunt
December 27, 1947



Man standing at foot of stairs, calling to his son. Popcorn pops from a floor vent
“I said, ‘Do you remember throwing any popcorn in the trash?’”
January 3, 1948


Woman sits in chair, reading. Husband is at the TV, about to turn it on.
“Don’t turn it on, dear. It’s been such a lovely day, let’s not spoil it.”
Stan Hunt
December 28, 1957


A couple stare outside their kitchen window to look at a dinosaur stomping around their neighborhood
Now see? We never had those around here before this global warming thing.”
Nick Downes
July 1, 1991


Young adult pleads with his mother to let him move back in
“Awww, come on, Mom! All my friends my age are struggling and moving back with their parents!”
Marty Bucella
September 1, 2010


Man asleep on couch, book over his face.
“Martha and the kids having gone visiting for the weekend, it wasn’t long before Richard was up to his usual mischief.”
Tom Cheney
June 1, 2015