Risk (A Verse)

It’s one thing to be careful to avoid a nasty fall,

But apart from that, I must say, I’m not risk averse at all.

Taking risks is part of life, or so it seems to me.

And nothing that’s worth doing is entirely risk free.

We cannot read the future. It’s behind a heavy curtain.

So how things will turn out is never absolutely certain.

And yet we must make choices and through our lives proceed

To either change direction or go where our choices lead.

To fall in love with someone is always to take a chance,

But to be afraid to do so would deprive life of romance.

To pick a field of study or set out on a career

Is to gamble, yet we do it, moved by passion and not fear.

We do not know what will happen or what lies around the bend.

What tomorrow has in store, much less how it will end.

Every time we choose a place to live or work or play,

Or meet someone who may become a good old friend some day.

When we take a job or hire someone, invest or make a plan,

We can’t be sure it won’t go wrong because we know it can.

There is the possibility our choices may be wrong,

But we’re all creating our own futures as we go along.

Risk does carry danger, and that cannot be ignored,

Yet risk will often carry a commensurate reward.

Though there’s wisdom in restraint and trying not to be too frisky,

If you want to really live, remember life itself is risky.

Some say better safe than sorry, but it still can be maintained

That it’s just as true to argue nothing ventured, nothing gained.