Cartoons: Animal Antics

Two bears talk in a wood
“Come to bed, dear — it’s half past December.”
Jeff Keate
December 14, 1940


Penguins converse on an iceberg
“He wants a sand pile!”
Ed Nofziger
December 21, 1940


Turtles have a conversation on the lakeside
“What I’d like to know is, are these shelters bombproof?”
Ed Nofziger
December 20, 1941


Ostriches talk to eachother
“They’ve been meeting secretly like that for months.”
Ed Nofziger
December 30, 1944


Peacocks talk to eachother next to a tree
“Do me a favor. Stop calling me your fine-feathered friend.”
Chon Day
January 4, 1958


Gorilla swings between trees with a man tucked into his arm
“I like you too, but I have a wife and two children in Cincinnati.”
Vahan Shirvanian
January 4, 1964


Two bears talk in a cave
“August! My gosh, I really overslept!”
Joseph Farris
August 1, 1997


A dog on a psychaitrist's chair
“When she stops scratching your ears, that doesn’t mean she’s stopped loving you. It means her hand is tired.”
Randy Glasbergen
February 1, 2004


Two buzzards talk on a tree limb
“Is it true, Mom — leftovers for the rest of my life?”
Tom Cheney
May 1, 2004


Two catepillars talk in the grass
“I haven’t slept a wink since my husband developed restless leg syndrome.”
July 1, 2010