Be Very Afraid…

A large shadow lurks…a cat screeches…and is that a ghoul or just the crazy neighbor trying to scare us? Halloween covers through the years have given us delicious scares!

What’s That Noise? by Frederick Stanley

What's That Noise by Frederick Stanley
What’s That Noise
Frederick Stanley
November 7, 1925

What’s that noise? Maybe a book about Captain Kidd isn’t the best bedtime reading. Has Johnny gotten to the part where Kidd is executed for piracy? Could that be the sound of the hangman’s gallows he hears? The clopping sound of a wooden leg? Hopefully, Johnny will discover, sooner rather than later, that Fido is under his bed chomping on his shoes.

Halloween, 1926 by Edgar Franklin Wittmack

Halloween 1926 by Edgar Franklin Wittmack
Halloween, 1926
Edgar Franklin Wittmack
October 30, 1926

It’s Halloween 1926. You’re dressed up in your finest and on your way to a friend’s party. It’s very, very dark out. And frankly, we don’t know what that shadow is, but we have one piece of advice for this young man: vamoose!

Halloween Scare by Frederic Stanley

Halloween Scare by Frederic Stanley
Halloween Scare
Frederic Stanley
November 2, 1935

If you’re ever felt the dank chill of an October night and then heard the bloodcurdling screeching of cats, you know it’s scary. Frederick Stanley did seventeen Post covers and was great at showing kids being scared.

Witch’s Mask by Charles Kaiser

Witch's Mask by Charles Kaiser
Witch’s Mask
Charles Kaiser
October 31, 1942

The little girl wanted to see what her witch’s mask look like in the dark window, but we think she’s managed to scare herself. Wait a minute…was the mask winking before?

Tricking Trick or Treaters by Amos Sewell

Tricky Trick or Treaters by Amos Sewell
Tricky Trick or Treaters
Amos Sewell
November 3, 1951

There’s one in every neighborhood – the guy who jumps out of a makeshift coffin or poses as a scarecrow only to leap to life as trick-or-treaters walk by. Sure, we little goblins are fleeing now, but it’s guys like you, mister, who drive us to bars of soap or rolls of toilet paper.

Halloween by Norman Rockwell

Halloween by Norman Rockwell
Norman Rockwell
October 23, 1920

Grandpa is very afraid. There’s a leering jack-o-lantern coming at him and if you look closely, you’ll see it’s wearing a little dress and shiny Mary Jane shoes. Speaking of shoes, I dig the spats on gramps. I know this 1920 Norman Rockwell cover is more cute than scary, but who can resist it?