Cartoons: Shop-a-Frolic

You don’t need to shop around to find comedy at the cash register!

Man and woman looking at a fur coat, marked at $1000, through a store window
“A thousand dollars for your thoughts, dear.”
Eric Ericson
December 14, 1940


A retail manager installs a sign reading 'Mammoth Dress Sale' near the front door. Many women run in. Moments later, after the customers rush out, the manager places a "Closed for Repairs' sign over the first one.
Eric Peters
December 15, 1945


A customer views wallpaper being held by five salesmen on step ladders.
“Does this help madam make up her mind?”
Irwin Caplan
December 27, 1947


A hand reaches out of a basket of apples holding one of the fruit. The man's wife stands next to the barrel, judging whether the apple is worth buying.
“Not that one, either, darling – go down deeper where they haven’t been picked over!”
Frank Owen
December 27, 1947


Woman shops for meat at a butcher shop. She is talking to the butcher, who has his mouth closed.
“Suppose we try it again and let’s have no more foolishness! Now, then – LET ME SEE YOUR TONGUE!”
January 03, 1948


A salesperson speaks to a man in the women's underwear department.
“Could you be a little more explicit, sir, than ‘She’s pretty broad in the beam’?”
Bob Barnes
December 27, 1958


Man shops for water in a supermarket. The cooler is filled with water bottles marked: "Mineral Water," "Spring Water," "Well Water," "Tap Water," "Back Water," and "Jerk Water."
Nick Downes
November 1, 1991


Salesperson tells customer that her store charges a fee for using cash.
“There’s a charge now for using cash.”
March 1, 2013