Art Gallery: Holiday Glamour

This holiday season, we bring you 33 portraits of women from the pages of the Post,from 1920s beauties to 1950s fashion plates, all wishing you season’s greetings and winter cheer!

Christmas in Hiding
George Hughes
December 10, 1960

Sneaking away while the house is asleep, this couple stashes away their Christmas gifts.


Couple Under Mistletoe
December 15, 1900

Lavish parties and formal garb say sophistication, but this couple whisks each other away to steal a kiss under the mistletoe.


Woman lighting candles on Christmas tree
J.J. Gould & Guernsey Moore
December 6, 1902

The warm candlelight from the tree makes this Christmas beauty radiant.


Hanging Holly
J.C. Leyendecker
December 21, 1918

They may be celebrating the holidays miles apart, he’s still the focal point of her celebration.


Woman Gazing Up at Mistletoe
Harrison Fisher
December 12, 1908

This woman hopes for kisses from Christmases future.


Christmas Shopper
Neysa McMein
December 13,1919

Arms overflowing with parcels and holly, she can’t remember if she bought the pipes for Grandpa Joe. 


Holly Bouquet
Charles A. MacLellan
December 13, 1924

This merry maid has boughs of holly to spare.


Lady Walking Dogs in Snow
William Haskell Coffin
December 11, 1926

Cheeks chilled to rosy red, there is no better way to enjoy the snow than a stroll with your two best friends. 


Snowy Night
E.M. Jackson
January 5, 1929

This festive flapper is cozy indoors while the snow piles up outside.


Snow Buffet Party
Thornton Utz
February 20, 1960

This hostess awaits her guests on a wintry evening.


Romantic Skate
Manning de Villeneuve Lee
December 1, 1937


Late nights in the winter are perfect for ice-skating…and maybe something more.


Hanging the Mistletoe
Harrison Fisher
December 14, 1912

This elegant lady puts the finishing touches on the mistletoe.


Christmas 1902
Henry Hutt
December 20, 1902

There’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than hanging garland with the one you love.


A Wife for Christmas
Paul Nonnast
December 01, 1954 (Country Gentleman)

There is no time like the holidays for romance.


Woman and Snowball
James Calvert Smith
January 17, 1925

This holiday lady is eyeing the next victim of a playful pelting.


Woman at Fireplace
William Hurd Lawrence
December 22, 1906

For some, snuggling up next to hearth and enjoying the solitude is a far better way to spend the holidays.


The Muses is My Racket
Al Parker
February 03, 1945

With a microphone and her sultry voice, she performs a stunning rendition of “Christmas Time.”


Tumble from Sled
Dominice Cammerota
January 27, 1940

Who said kids get to have all the fun?


The Lady’s Future
Ernest Chiriaka
February 06, 1954

She’s almost late to her own party!


Hunting a Husband
Robert Meyers
April 20, 1957

Holiday romance takes the chill out of the coldest nights.


I Love You, Mama Girl
Joe deMers
March 31, 1956

A quiet moment before the whirlwind.


Clever Women are Dangerous Too
Joe deMers
August 05, 1950

She recounts her encounter with her admirer at the park.


Girls Don’t Play Fair
R.G. Harris
May 12, 1951

When he asked his best friend to join him for dinner he never expected to be the third wheel on his own date.


New Years, 1905
Henry Hutt
December 30, 1905

With fresh snow covering the ground, sleigh rides make the perfect escape from the festivities.


Too Young for Trouble
Coby Whitmore
May 07, 1960

Poinsettia pinned and hair curled, this winter wonder catches the eye of all the guys.


Lady Throwing Snowball
Sarah Stilwell-Weber
March 03, 1917

This winter-clad socialite prepares to thrash any who threaten her fashion.


Crack the Whip
Emery Clarke
March 02, 1940

She sails with grace across the ice.


The Golden Rose
Coby Whitmore
October 24, 1959

Out of all of the gifts she received, her favorite was the rose.


The Lady had an Angle
Coby Whitmore
August 20, 1955

The best way to enjoy a fresh snowfall is with someone who can hold you close.



F. Sands Brunner
December 01, 1938 (Country Gentleman)

Waiting for someone under the mistletoe.


I Want a Man
Joe deMers
April 15, 1950

She coaxes him over for a midnight dance.


Larcenous Lady
Bob Hilbert
February 21, 1953

The letter in her hand doesn’t stave off this mistletoe kiss.


Mail Delivery by Sleigh
Alex Ross
January 29, 1944

This postwoman is delivering season’s greetings in spite of the snowfall.

Classic Covers: 100 Years Ago

Adding to the sea of smart phones, e-books, and online social networking, analysts are busy predicting what this year, this decade, and this century will bring. But it’s important to stop, rewind, and reflect on how far we’ve come. Imagine life 100 years ago. Here we take a look at how artists were interpreting American culture for the covers of The Saturday Evening Post. You may be surprised to learn that the things we most enjoy have, in essence, remained the same.

People fought the bitter cold in January; went to school and baseball games; and went swimming in July. Well, the bathing suits were a little different …

<em> Teacher catching student</em><br />Worth Brehm<br />March 19, 1910
Teacher catching student
Worth Brehm
March 19, 1910

Life in 1910

Northerners can relate to an artist named Robert Robinson, who did the most delightful paintings of old gentlemen (some say old geezers, but we prefer to be nice). This gent is peering through fogged-up specs at a temperature that seems to be hovering around 14 degrees. We’re not sure where his is. Minnesota, Michigan, New York? But we do know the cover is from January 8, 1910.

It’s getting a bit chilly in the classroom, too. The schoolmaster is about to descend on an unwitting student. Unlike the 2010 teacher, we suspect this one was unconcerned with a “politically correct” punishment. In other words, the boy probably got walloped.

<em>Baseball Player</em><br />Robert Robinson<br />October 1, 1910
Baseball Player
Robert Robinson
October 1, 1910

Yes, folks, there was baseball in 1910! And it made the cover of The Saturday Evening Post with an engaging cover (also by artist Robinson) of a catcher wondering “where’d it go?!” Check out the nifty catcher’s mitt.

<em>Man mowing lawn</em><br />J.C. Leyendecker<br />August 6, 1910
Man mowing lawn
J.C. Leyendecker
August 6, 1910

In summer, Americans not only played baseball, they mowed lawns, too. (Sound familiar?) The gent in the August cover from famous artist J.C. Leyendecker is working away with a push mower, unaware of how “green” his method of grass control is. Who knew lawn care 1910 style would be fashionable again 100 years later? Although we suspect few of us are mowing our lawns in a vest and tie these days.

<em>Girl swimming calling to friends</em><br />Harrison Fisher<br />July 16, 1910
Girl swimming calling to friends
Harrison Fisher
July 16, 1910

And we don’t mean to be scandalous, but we cannot leave without warming you up with illustrations of ladies’ swimwear—1910 style, of course. The girl on the July cover is calling out to friends while swimming. You can tell the sleeves and proper head covering of her swimming costume is not holding her back.

<em>Woman in bathing costume</em><br />Henry Hutt<br />August 13, 1910
Woman in bathing costume
Henry Hutt
August 13, 1910

A full view of swimming attire follows the next month with a Henry Hutt painting. As you can see, fashions may come and go, but our favorite American pastimes remain in tact.