September/October 2017 Limerick Laughs Winner and Runners-Up

Sitting on the Wrong Side by Gene Pelham
George Pelham, © SEPS

This highly unorthodox fellow
Sports blue in an ocean of yellow.
He is only on hand
Since his son’s in the band.
(It’s a brass band, and he’s playing cello.)

Congratulations to Jeff Foster of San Francisco, California! For his limerick, Jeff wins $25 and our gratitude for his witty and entertaining poem describing Sitting on the Wrong Side, Gene Pelham’s cover from November 15, 1941.

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Our readers sent us a lot of great, funny limericks. Here are some more of our favorites, in no particular order:

A faithful fan of West U.,
Among fans of the opposite crew,
With muffs on his ears
To drown out their cheers —
What else could the poor guy do?

—Howard D. Dashke, Caseyville, Illinois

This fan’s in a heck of a fix,
Forlorn as his team takes its licks.
Surrounded by yellow,
This unhappy fellow
Would do well to just hit the bricks.

—Bruce Beardsley, Rochester, New York

The loneliest man in the stands
Is not the one stuck behind bands.
He’s the visiting fan
With no escape plan
While the home team’s lead slowly expands.

—Jerry Dorbin, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Our fan though his ticket was true.
He came with a banner in blue.
What he found out instead
Made his face turn bright red:
The flags had a much diff’rent hue.

—Dick Swain, Champaign, Illinois

Oh I wonder just what I can do.
The score is now 20 to 2.
I’m such a sad fellow,
Surrounded by yellow,
While my flag and I are so blue!

—Angie Gyetvai, Oldcastle, Ontario, Canada

There is little more greatly resented
Than a fan who has bravely dissented
And refuses to bend
As he proudly defends
The team he has long represented.

—Mark Stellinga, Tiffin, Iowa

The look on his face held the clue
To a day he’d prefer to redo:
“What’s most upsetting,
Of course, is the betting
Of all of my money on blue.”

—Paul Desjardins, West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

As a fan watched the drubbing unfold,
He could feel disappointment take hold.
When they asked, “Happy sir?”
His remark was just “Brrr!”
For the weather and game left him cold.

—Roy Skibiski, Lawndale, California

His cheeks with their rosy red glow
Aren’t flushed from the cold and the snow.
The frustrated fellow
Surrounded by yellow
Is angry and ready to blow.
—Joyce Petricheck, Finleyville, Pennsylvania