Cartoons: Kidding Around


“Have you anything that doesn’t always end up in a fight?”
December 28, 1940


“Gee, this’s gonna be interesting – mind if I watch?”
Tom Henderson
December 27, 1947


“Oh, I just rented Judy to a lady who wanted to get a seat on the bus.”
Herb Williams
December 25, 1943


“You’ve been watching too many of those CSI shows”
Ken Benner
January 01, 2011


“Mom have you seen my…? Never mind.”
James Estes
March 01, 1995




“Some of the most successful men in history have gone bankrupt once or twice…so don’t be afraid to buy me everything I want.”
Randy Glasbergen
January 1, 2003



“I think you should know that I’ve written a letter to Oprah about you.”
Marty Bucella
March 1, 2003


Cartoons: School Zone

Students in class talking quietly to one another, remarking on the huge apple resting on the teacher's desk.
“That new kid must be from California.”
January 6, 1940



Boy paints a sour apple red to make it seem like a Washington apple, brings it to a smiling teacher in class.
Rodney DeSarro
January 6, 1945



Girl in school library reads book with glasses on, scowling when women are seated next to her. They leave, male student takes their seat. Girl removes glasses.
January 6, 1945
Jon Cornin (Corka)



A flushed boy hides behind his mother while she is speaking to his teacher in class.
“… and I hope the paper situation eases soon so you can resume issuing grade cards to the children again.”
Scott Brown
December 22, 1945



Boy with glasses answers his teacher in class.
“My glasses are straight; it’s my ears that are crooked.”
January 4, 1947



Student standing in class to give an answer, his classmates are whispering him the answer. Teacher speaks to the befuddled student.
“Take your time, Zollnick. I realize it’s difficult to hear with so many prompting.”
Gardner Rea
December 31, 1949



Two students talk as they walk home from school.
“First they tell you you’re guaranteed privacy under the Constitution, and then they send a report card to your parents.”
Chon Day
March 1, 1993



A student talks to his teacher at his desk.
“A spelling test? Surely they have software for that sort of thing!”
June 1, 2003



A teacher walks her student to the principal's office.
“No, you do not need a lawyer.”
James Estes
January 1, 2004



A principal speaks to a student in detention hall.
“I’m just a principal — I don’t need to read you your rights.”
Tim Lachowski
November 1, 2010