Cartoons: Job Interviews

cartoon, your last employer. Jan/Feb 1984

“Of course, if you’d rather we didn’t check with your last employer …”
January/February 1984

Cartoon, Any other References?

“Very good. Any other references besides your mother?”
May 1952

charcter references cartoon

“Just because everybody says you’re a character,
Mr. Johnson, we don’t consider them ‘character references.'”
January/February 1978

work history, more specific.

“I see in your resume that from 1961 to 1982 you were at work. Can you be a little more specific?”
January/February 1984

experience on the job.

“Let’s see, I’ve had one week’s experience at Hagley and Company, two days at Farson Brothers, half an hour at Beglo Company …”
December 1953

typewriter experience

“I haven’t worked for 20 years. I can’t wait to get back behind a typewriter.”
July/August 2000