Cartoons: On the Job

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Two workers having lunch, one is using a saw to cut the crust off his sandwich.
“Gee, Bill, you’re missing the best part of a sandwich when you don’t eat the crust.”
Tom Henderson
May 6, 1950


Car salesman is caught sleeping in the trunk of a showroom car.
“So this is where you spend your time, Townsend!”
April 29, 1950


Painter is on the side of the ship telling a woman through a porthole that they have docked.
“Yes, ma’am, we docked two days ago…”
Mel Lazarus
April 15, 1950


Two elevators porters arguing
“You’re supposed to say ‘Up, please’ or ‘Down, please – not ‘Workers, arise’ and ‘Down with capitalists’!”
Bo Brown
April 15, 1950


Painter on a clock notices that the minute hand has carried his paint bucket to the other side of the face.
April 1, 1950


Two window washers talk on a platform high on a skyscraper
“It’s ten o’clock, Ed, time to start down for lunch.”
Bill O’Malley
April 1, 1950


Two painters eating lunch in the White House
“Well, I certainly never thought I’d be having lunch at the White House.”
Graham Jackson
Febraury 12, 1949


Two workers talk in front of a coal furnace.
“Doesn’t it make you want to curl up with a good book?”
Mort Walker
December 18, 1949